Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘unlimited’ mean?
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Our plans are designed for small business or personal use. It’s appropriate for the majority of users and we see very few people abusing it. These plans are not suitable for storage of private files or file sharing or for users attempting to resell or host large numbers of websites.

Heavy resource users, in terms of disk space, bandwidth, CPU and memory will be contacted to help them upgrade to a more suitable plan or one of our cloud VPS servers. We will never cut you off without warning – but abusers will be suspended to protect our other responsible users.

Is my website backed up?
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We maintain multiple automated backups of your data. Files and databases are backed up regularly and you are able to restore these via a web interface within your hosting control panel (cPanel).

Is your support 24/7?
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Our design services are run on business days during standard business hours 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

We will of course try to sort any major issues ie: website or email down out of hours where possible.

What's the difference between you and other hosting providers?
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We are web designers by trade and we help hundreds of business owners increase their return on investment. Because of this we know how to create pages that sell and have built up a skillset that allows us to offer great support and service on WordPress & Weblfow websites.

You also get to talk to a small dedicated team who know your website inside and out.

What counts as a page?
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A page can be anything built within your websites existing design. We can use these to build product or service landing pages for marketing campaigns, longer product information pages or anything else you would need to help you sell more.

What is an article?
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An article is also know as a news post or blog post. It is content added to your site to inform your users of new products, news or sales.

What counts as support?
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Are hosting packages come with built in support. That mean if you are having issues with your website we can assist you with fixing those.

This might include:

- Support Tasks Example
- Hosting & domain setup
- Fixing web design issues
- Website speed optimization
- Optimising image size
- Installing and configuring new WP plugins
- Updating WP plugins
- Adding or updating tracking pixels
- Google Analytics/Search console setup
- Connect website with other marketing tools
- Setting up a payment providers

How can I transfer my site to you?
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Whether you’re looking to move your site from another cPanel hosting provider, a non-cPanel account, or have no idea at all, just drop us a message and we will let you know.

Is it easy to upgrade my hosting account?
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It’s really easy to upgrade. If you decide to upgrade your plan later on just contact us and we will be able to adjust your package.

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